Written by Captain Sternn

Forsaken Shores Moved to September 27th


From the Sea of Thieves website:

Following last Friday’s post from Executive Producer Joe Neate, we can confirm that the release date for the Forsaken Shores content update will now be Thursday September 27th rather than Wednesday September 19th.

This decision was not taken lightly, and we know this may disappoint fans who were looking to play the update this week. That said, our priority is to deliver a stable, polished and bug-free experience and we feel that the extra week of development will enable us to do this.

We’d like to thank all our Pioneers for their support in providing valuable feedback and bug reports over the weekend, and for their continued support this week as we roll out fixes for further testing.

The whole team appreciate the community’s understanding for this change in our release plans, and we look forward to welcoming everyone to The Devil’s Roar soon.

Written by Captain Sternn

The Cursed Sails event is over and now begins the cursed crews!  Patch 1.2.4 dropped early this morning with a new event, some game play changes, and other fixes.

You can now find cursed cannonballs the skeleton ships used against you.  They affect both skeletons and other players to add a new level of complexity to PvP.

You can now fly the Reapers Mark flag.  When used, this flag will make your ship location visible to all others on the server.  Be prepared for the onslaught before you fly this flag!

Barrels have been changed to hold several different items at the same time (used to be one item per barrel).

The Bilge Rats are now offering new Wailing Barnacle Weapons, Titles, and Commendations.

The skeleton ships will now be marked in the sky by a skeleton ship cloud, similar to how the skeleton forts are marked.

Banana, Cannonball, and wood crates will now wash up more frequently on beaches, have increased in value when sold, and more likely to be a part of Voyages discovered in a Message in a bottle.

The Kraken is back!


You can read more about it from the official Sea of Thieves patch notes.